Welcome to my latest adventure!

Writing came to me as a surprise, a blissful, sensual, and fulfilling one. So much so that I just want to share the joy.
Writing came to me in English even though French is my native language, adding to the pleasure of discovery of this new passion of mine . . . This probably also added the distance I need to navigate my characters and readers through a rollercoaster of emotions. I hope you will enjoy, laugh and chuckle reading them as much as I did because there is more to come.
This website is not only your “one-stop shop” to know more about me, the books, and where to find them, it is also my way to provide you with the soundtrack to my stories as music is another pleasure I wish to share.
Please reach out to ask questions or share “feedforward”!
Thank you for joining me in my journey, exploring life’s little pleasures!
Happy reading!
Marielle De Vassoigne Author of NEW BEGINNING IN VANCOUVER
Marielle De Vassoigne
NEW BEGINNING IN VANCOUVER by Marielle De Vassoigne Author

New Beginning in Vancouver

“Hmm. I have no history here, no family he can threaten me with. The only thing I have is the Blossom shop. Believe me, I’ll do whatever it takes to defend it.”

I stated this in a voice that is no longer flat. Yet I freeze. I only have the Blossom and . . . Gabriel.

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Choosing Love Over Pride by Marielle De Vassoigne Author

Choosing love over pride

With Maxime’s love life, the reader just never knows what they are going to experience, and this book doesn’t fail to deliver with both tension and delight.

This romance is not a stereotypical tale where everything is perfect, and everyone is happy and gets what they deserve. This tale is full of twists and roller coaster rides for the reader that prompt so many emotions, and keep the reader on their toes.

“Max, do you remember the proposal-gate?”

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