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NEW BEGINNING IN VANCOUVER by Marielle De Vassoigne Author

“Hmm. I have no history here, no family he can threaten me with. The only thing I have is the Blossom shop. Believe me, I’ll do whatever it takes to defend it.”

I stated this in a voice that is no longer flat. Yet I freeze. I only have the Blossom and . . . Gabriel.

Maxime, a grounded and resilient WOC (woman of colour), has moved to Vancouver after spending half her life in Montréal. Taking a leap of faith, she has changed careers to become a successful entrepreneur and owner of the Salon Blossom—Flowers and Teas.

Driven by her core belief—a rich life is filled with kindness, curiosity, and exploration—she makes a 360-degree life transformation. In this new stage of her life, Maxime encounters several challenges and blessings.

The Easter egg for this book will be Miss Maxime’s series of playlists, as the novel is scattered with musical references.

“New Beginning in Vancouver” is my first novel, the first story of a trilogy led by a strong female character.

The fun, engaging and sexy story is about a successful yet complex, independent businesswoman who discovers a whole new facet of life she had previously ignored over her first few adult decades. Moving to Vancouver is the reset she needed to open to new opportunities, hence discovering new challenges and lessons life has to offer.

Publication Date

March, 2022





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