About the Book

Choosing Love Over Pride by Marielle De Vassoigne Author

With Maxime’s love life, the reader just never knows what they are going to experience, and this book doesn’t fail to deliver with both tension and delight.

This romance is not a stereotypical tale where everything is perfect, and everyone is happy and gets what they deserve. This tale is full of twists and roller coaster rides for the reader that prompt so many emotions, and keep the reader on their toes.

“Max, do you remember the proposal-gate?”

“How could I ever forget, sweetie? You made sure no one would. Why do you ask?”

“Was it worth it? I mean, I recall being a fierce advocate for the ‘I do.’ But when I think of how much Dad and you have suffered because of love I wonder. Was it worth it?”

Maxime’s stepdaughter refers to her father’s legendary attempt to propose in New Beginning in Vancouver, the prequel to this book. This new stage of Maxime’s life navigates us through a rollercoaster of emotions while she must face new joys and challenges.

A note from the author

I hope you will enjoy, laugh and cry reading their story as much as I did when I wrote it. I offer you an opportunity to complete the experience of reading this novel appealing to all senses with new soundtracks, available on this website.

Finally, as I identify as a BIPOC and LGBTQ+ ally, this book reflects once again my core belief: a rich life is filled with kindness, curiosity, and exploration, as well as values of diversity and inclusion.


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